What Are VoIP Voice Prompts & Why Should I Use Them For My Business?

Modern technology is evolving at a rapid rate, and it can be hard for the average person to keep up. However, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and make sure that you’re using the most up to date business technology to manage your business, otherwise you may find that your competitors are overtaking you and stealing your market share.

VoIP started from small beginnings a few years ago, and it has quickly become one of the fastest growing voice communication solutions in the world. However, a lot of people still don’t know what VoIP is, how it can be used and why they should be using it for their business. Let’s have a look.

What is VoIP and what are VoIP voice prompts?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is a relatively new technology that essentially allows people to make phone calls over the internet. VoIP calls involve the transmission of audio content across the internet, rather than through traditional phone lines. This eliminates the need for the installation of traditional phone lines in new homes or offices, potentially helping you cut costs.

VoIP voice prompts function similarly to an answering machine. They are often used by large companies to direct customers to the right helpline, reducing wait times and increasing customer service efficiency. For example, many large government agencies have a range of different departments. When you call a particular agency, the phone will often be answered by a VoIP voice prompt, which will ask you to press a number on your keypad based on a number of options.

Why should I use VoIP for my business?

There are many different reasons why you should be using VoIP for your business instead of a traditional phone connection, especially if you’re renovating or moving into new business premises. VoIP connections are easier to set up, faster and cheaper to scale as your business grows and they are a lot more versatile and flexible. One of the most popular features of  VoIP connections is that they allow you to access your phone line from pretty much any device, anywhere in the world.

Why should I set up VoIP prompts?

VoIP voice prompts are an essential part of setting up a complete VoIP system. Some of the reasons why you should always use them include:

  • They allow you to direct callers to the people who are best able to help them, streamlining the customer service process.
  • Voice prompts allow you to welcome callers and make sure that they’re in the right place before they actually talk to a real person.
  • When used well, voice prompts can both increase caller satisfaction and reduce the amount of time your customer service staff spend on the phone.

Set up VoIP prompts today!

If you’ve recently installed or are thinking about installing a VoIP system, you also need to start thinking about setting up some VoIP voice prompts. Speak to the VoIP voice prompt experts at OHVO to find out exactly how they can help optimise your voice prompts and get the most out of your new phone connection.