You have worked hard to build your company, there’s not a single area of your business that hasn’t had the benefit of your attention and time. Now all that effort is beginning to pay off and you are getting busier with orders are increasing, how can you maintain that individual attention to your whole company as you grow and expand?

The answer is that you can’t. Managers and owners of large thriving companies cannot effectively expect to have a hand in all areas and maintain growth or run the risk of burnout and stress.

It can be very hard to do, but it’s time to delegate and start entrusting parts of your job to other competent people. The trick is to hire and work with the very best, the professionals who can implement your ideas to your satisfaction using education and skill sets you probably don’t have.

It certainly takes a leap of faith to employ someone else; you have to trust that they know better than you and will make the right decisions on your behalf. This can be difficult for some head strong owners or managers.

Think of it like hiring a mechanic. You probably chose your car with care, spent hours looking at models and makes, choosing just the right one to suit your needs. You drive it every day and shine it up in the weekends, and you can change the oil and fix minor issues, but as the car ages more complex problems crop up. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to fix up problems you aren’t qualified for, you take it to a mechanic. You leave it to the professionals while you spend your time on more important things.

In the same way you should be leaving marketing and voice work to expert ad and production teams. They understand that while you are the expert on your business, they are the experts on how to market it.

You’ll still have all the input you need to feel comfortable, they will listen to your ideas and implement them into effective, amazing voiceovers and ads, doing all of the muscle work with their expertise while you can concentrate on other tasks to grow your company.

Avoid burn out and take the plunge, get comfortable with delegating and out-sourcing.