Frequently Asked Questions

How to order / Get a quote?

Go and fill out the quick form on our Quote/Order Page or simply send us an email ([email protected]) with an idea of what you would like to say, live chat with us through our website or call us on (+1) 213 221 1405.

How much does on hold messaging and phone voiceovers cost?
We keep our pricing as simple and affordable as possible, with Welcome Greetings/Business Voicemails for just $79+gst and On Hold Messaging packages for $159 (4x On Hold Messages) or $209 (8x On Hold Messages). We can certainly put together a custom package for you individual needs, just Contact Us today.
How do I change or update Phone Voice Overs in the future?
Easy! Just let us know when you want to freshen them up (maybe you would like to use On Hold Messaging to promote your latest specials) and we will get it all sorted for you. We keep all projects on file so we can edit your existing phone voiceovers in most cases without needing to redo it from scratch. We typically charge just our minimum $69 for simple quick changes.
How often should I update my phone voice overs?
Many of our clients use On Hold Messaging as a marketing tool. Check out our article on this and why you should update your On Hold Messaging regularly here
What file type you can deliver my audio in?

We can output files in the following formats:

  • AIFF (44.1kHz 16bit)

  • MP3 (128kbps)

  • MP3 (320kbps)

  • VOX

  • WAV (11kHz 16-bit)

  • WAV (44.1kHz 16 bit)

  • WAV CCITT ULaw (8kHz 8bit)

  • WAV PCM (8kHz 16-bit)

* default deliver

Want another file type? Ask us today!


Are OHVO services compatible with our system?

If you have a voice mail service, then our Professional Voice Mail Services are 100% compatible. 

Typically most business phone systems (PABX or VOIP Phone Systems) will provide the ability to use On Hold Voice Overs or Caller Tunes (Music On Hold). However we recommend checking with your Phone System Provider or Technician prior to ordering. below are the questions to ask your Phone Provider/Technician.

Does our phone system allow a Welcome Greeting (and intro prompt), Caller Tunes (Music instead of ‘ring ring..’) and a After Hours Voicemail?

Do we have the ability to upload Audio Files into our phone system? Can/How do we do that?

If the answer is yes and yes, we are good to go! We look forward to enhancing your caller experience!

Here are Instructions on how to upload Phone Voiceovers to common phone systems
What typical phone systems are compatible with OHVO services?
Click the next tabs for more info about the most common phone systems.
Cloud VOIP systems
Cloud VOIP Providers (eg.) AirCall, Ring Central, Toky and 2Talk) typically offer a Website Control Panel (Virtual PABX System) where you can adjust and upload the professional audio files we provide.

It is recommended you check with your Phone Provider / Technician before purchasing to ensure your system has such common functionality.

Corporatate phone systems
Systems like Microsoft Lync, Avaya, Cisco, Asterix. These systems typically have a Computer Accessed control panel where you can upload such phone voiceovers.

We recommend checking with your Phone Technician to see what audio files you are able to upload into your specific phone system setup.. or maybe they would do it for you!

The terminology typically used is Auto Attend, Caller Tunes, On Hold Music, Transfer Music, Busy Voicemail and Unavailable Voicemail.


Oldschool hardware based PABX systems
If your business has an old hardware style phone system, you may have an On Hold Music Player physically plugged in via Audio Cable. This system typically requires you to load our professional on hold messaging & music onto the SD Card of the On Hold Player.

Welcome Greetings and Voicemail Greetings generally need to be recorded through the phone handset. In most cases this means you will need to play our audio out of a speaker and capture it through the handpiece as if you voiced it.

Don’t have an On Hold Player or are you currently leasing an On Hold Unit from another provider?….. We can provide you a On Hold Playes at a one-off cost. Enquire today.

We recommend asking your phone provider / technician about this.

Mobile voicemail

Phone Providers like Vodafone / Spark / 2Degrees require you to speak your voicemail recording into your phone rather than upload professional recorded audio files. Please do enquire first, but as long as we have your Mobile Number, Voicemail Password… in most cases, we can record your voicemail message in from our recording studio.

Please do enquire with your phone provider first to check if this is possible, also if you have any maximum duration restrictions on how long your voicemail can be. Please enquire about this prior to your order.

Note: Standard mobile plans by telco’s don’t support PABX features such as On Hold Music or Welcome Greetings

Digital Phone Greeting Delivery

Delivered to you via Digital Download

Within 72 hours, we will email you a temporary download link to  your professional audio files – in various File Formats (eg. WAV & Mp3). You can then go ahead and upload these to your Phone System.

You can even preview the audio online before downloading too!


Unlike many businesses who claim no hidden costs and all that – we actually mean it. But if you need a wee variation, just contact us for a quote. We can tailor a package to suit you for a similar VERY affordable price – Just Ask!

One Off Cost Option. Select Your Bundle:

Welcome Greeting & Voicemail Greetings a max of 30 seconds. Enquire for longer.


All prices shown are in USD. One-Off Cost

Or want regular On Hold Messaging Updates?

Easy To Budget. Monthly Cost. Regular Updates. Script Writing Included.

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Very efficient, professional and friendly. The ideas they added to our script were great!

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