Follow these instructions:

1) Sign in to your account.

2) Move the mouse over to Configure, then click Add a Greeting.

3) For your greeting, enter a nickname, e.g., Voicemail, and choose the phone extension you desire to have this greeting restricted to. Let Allow for use be left as hold music set to No.

4) Click to select the way you would like your greeting to be added and fill in all the required fields:

Upload New File: Click on Choose File, then browse to choose the audio file you would like to use as greeting for your voicemail. Click Upload.

5) Click on Save Greeting on the right side of your screen.

You have now added a greeting, which you can use on your voicemail!


Now, have you activated your Voicemail Greeting on Your Extension?

1) Move the mouse over to Configure and choose Manage Users & Extensions.

2) Choose Edit for that extension on which you desire to use your greeting.

3) Scroll down to the section of the Voicemail.

4) Select a greeting for your voicemail from the drop-down menu for Standard Greetings

Click Save Changes.

Your Ohvo Phone Greeting has been assigned to your extension. Now make sure you have your number sent to voicemail!

You can also upload your Ohvo On Hold Music in the same way as above, just look out for the Hold Music Section within your Control Panel.


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