If you have a small business which handles all of its own phone calls, then it is essential for you to set your answering machine and on-hold system up properly. Having a decent on-hold message can help keep people interested, even if you are too busy to come to the phone straight away.

Why is an on-hold message so important?

In many cases, if someone tries to call a business, but simply gets a busy tone or the phone rings out, they will go and call the next number in the phone book. This means that you are losing a potentially valuable customer, one who is going to go and use the services of one of your competitors. If you can develop some way to keep people interested until you can get to the phone, you will have a much greater chance of getting their business.

What should an on-hold message include?

A decent on-hold message should include a number of things. First, make sure that the caller knows that they have reached your business, and make sure that they know that you will be with them shortly. Include relevant, important information that potential customers will appreciate, and make sure that you have it set up well in a logical order.

Start with a simple greeting:

The first thing that you want to put in your on-hold message is a friendly, simple greeting. Introduce yourself and your company, but keep it short and simple. Depending on how large your company is, you might even be able to set up a redirect system, where the caller presses a number on their keypad to direct their call to the relevant department.

Make your on-hold message informative:

As a caller, there is nothing worse than being put on hold and being forced to listen to terrible music for ages, without knowing anything. If possible, include informative on-hold messages which can engage your caller. Explain who your company is, what you do, and anything else that you think could be relevant to the person calling.

Tell your caller how long they have to wait:

If you have ever called a large company and been put on hold, you will know how annoying it is not to know how long you will have to wait. Make sure that your callers know what position they are in line, and if possible, give them an estimate on how long they are likely to have to wait before you can talk to them.

Make sure that you provide up-to-date, informative information:

If possible, try and work in important information when you are designing your on-hold message. Include things like directions to your business, your website, and your working hours. If you do this, you will be much more likely to engage the customer and get their business.

Final Word:

If you are thinking about creating a new on-hold message for your business, you should consider employing a professional to do it for you. The team at OHVO are experienced, know what they are doing, and can create the perfect on-hold message for your business. Get in touch today!