Bigger companies have unique needs for their on hold messaging. Ensuring consistency across many different locations and systems can be a time consuming task but it is imperative that it is done; doing so will ensure a solid brand image across the board with a guarantee of quality to customers no matter where they call within the company.

But what are the main problems that larger companies can experience?

  • Lack of awareness.

Imagine  a company’s marketing department issuing a directive to all its retail stores to update their phone message to include a new in store promotion.  Who is going and making sure that the directive has been followed in all locations? No one has the man power to call potentially hundreds of stores to check on the action.  Not knowing if the change has been made consistently across all locations has a detrimental effect on the company for several reasons.

Lost sales opportunity – the customer is not informed of an offer or promotion.

Lack of brand consistency – a customer ringing more than one location may get conflicting or out of date information.

Employee intervention – an employee may take steps to remedy a perceived lack of direction by recording or changing a message. They may give wrong information or not reflect brand image in their message.

  • Management over different systems.

Often as companies grow, adding new locations, technology isn’t updated in the older ones. This can lead to locations all having different devices, systems and models that must be taken into account when changing messages. It’s not as easy as sending out a pre-recorded greeting when they must be formatted to suit each location, making it nearly impossible to institute a standardized changeover date.

  • Uniformity across all locations.

Ensuring consistency is the number one marketing must do, and larger companies will struggle for the reasons listed above, even more difficult is businesses with different brands to manage, so they must have site specific information tailored especially to them as well.

Managing company messaging is achievable for companies small and large with the assistance of a professional voice messaging service. Talk to the team today to see how they can help with ensuring conformity over all of your locations.