Are you struggling to get traffic to your blog? Are you finding that people are hanging up on you when you place them on hold? Is your e-mail marketing getting more unsubscribe notices than new subscribers? These three specific problems all have something in common: the message provided to the prospect is weak.

Here’s 5 ways that you can create a powerful message and each one of these tips can immediately increase your conversion rates – let’s take a look!

#1. Use dynamic language to emphasize your point.

One of the most underused aspects of the English language is the adjective. Adjectives are descriptor words that help people to better understand the overall concept of the person, place, or thing being described. If you have a stunning, magnificent on-hold marketing message that conveys your excitement, then that’s a lot better than an average on-hold message that simply fulfills a basic need. Pay attention to how you describe things and this dynamic change in your language will equate to a massive increase in sales.

#2. Your tone of voice speaks volumes.

Have you ever met one of those guys on the radio that have a crazy good voice on the airwaves? Yet when you actually speak with them, you realize their voice is kind of nasally and monotonous? If people think your tone of voice is fake, whether that is through the written word or in a message that someone hears, then your credibility will come into question. When that happens, you have less value and therefore less business. Always be genuine and you won’t be hung out to dry.

#3. Be direct.

The world today is very impatient. Even blog articles are being reduced in size today because people are turned off from large blocks of content! If people won’t stick around to read 1,000 words on average, do you think they’ll stick around to listen to a 5 minute message? Be direct with what you need to say and you’ll fit your information into the attention span of your prospect. That includes the call to action that you include with your message.

#4. Be courteous.

Remember all those good manners that your folks taught you as a kid? You’ve got to use them in communicating with people today during the initial steps of the relationship building process. For example: when someone says “thank you,” how do you respond? With “You’re welcome?” Or do you use the standard “No problem?” It might seem like a silly thing to some, but using the former rather than the latter can be the difference between a sale for you or for your competitor.

#5. Work hard to provide added value.

The more value you add into your words, the more likely you are to create a sale. Why does this happen? Because there’s two types of value: perceived and realized. What your marketing messages are providing is the perceived value of your product. When this perception is enhanced, the wants of a prospect suddenly get turned into needs. If you can deliver on this perceived value, then you’ll have as much repeat business as you want!

These 5 ways to create a powerful message can be immediately added to your on-hold messages and other marketing formats to create a powerful identity for your goods and your company. Add them today and see how great business can start being!