Everyone wants to smile during the festive season. Be it the average joe walking down the road or a high flying business client. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can use the celebratory mood of the season to bring a smile on the faces of their clients.

Smile…With The Christmas Voice Message

The most successful businesses never miss an opportunity to impress their unique brand identity on their clients. On hold voice messages offer an opportunity to a small business to create their identity and express it to the people who call in for enquiries or other matters. Having a Christmas voice message can really showcase the creativity and innovativeness of the business, albeit in a light hearted manner.

A Must Have

A voice message that conveys the merry mood of the holidays in a fun but professional manner can achieve a lot. Here are some of the reasons why a holiday voice message is a must have:

Take Them By Surprise

Imagine the look on the client’s face when they call in to the office and hear a creative Christmas voice message greeting them. The pleasant surprise is sure to bring a smile on their face. The message would also tell the client that the business is not afraid to adapt and change to the changing situation.

Make Them Laugh

Once you get them smiling, then go for the jugular and make them laugh. Clients will never forget the unique voice message that had them having a few hearty laughs. The message can and should be funny, but never cross the line and be unprofessional.

A Marketing Tool

A holiday voice message can act as an indirect marketing tool for a business. The creatively worded message will always stay in the client’s memory, making it an effective promotional hook for the enterprise.