How often do you change your messaging?

Probably not as often as you should! Consider how this first point of contact for most customers can attract, intrigue and inform, and then ask yourself:  ‘Is my messaging working for me all year long?’

Let’s break down the year, month by month and discover the marketing opportunities available, see what you can implement into your own on hold messaging for an effective and current marketing plan.

This is a very general guide, most industries will have their own special dates and seasonal variances to consider. Meet with your on hold messaging experts, who can help you craft the perfect message for business every month of the year!

Note this is geared to those in New Zealand & Australia, you might need to shuffle it up to hit the right seasons if you are reading from the north!

– Advertise post Christmas sales.
– Changes in hours after the holidays.
–  Upcoming events.
– Appeal to the ‘New Years resolution’ crowd if you are a heath or fitness company.

– Advertise back to school deals.
– Ramp up Valentines Day promotions.

– Inform the caller about any change of season menus, deals or products.
– List any change in Easter hours.

– Daylight savings end deals.
– Anzac opening hours.

Mothers day promotions.

Queens Birthday opening hours.

– Push mid-winter sales to boost revenue if winter is your slow season.

Promote mid-winter events & competitions.
– Time to start hyping any wedding related products and deals for the upcoming seasons.

                  – Daylight savings beginning deals to usher in the new season.
– Spring sales
– Advertise exciting new season stock & events
– Fathers day.

Labour day deals.
– With more people celebrating Halloween, there are plenty of promotional opportunities for     the right company.

– Pre-sell Christmas deals
– Encourage reservations for December, ie holiday parties if in the restaurant industry.

– Christmas deals and opening hours.
– Wish your clients happy holidays.