After Hours / Busy Voicemail greetings are designed to convince your caller that your company is their best choice, and convince them to leave a message with their contact details.

For business owners, it is also one way to show that they care. As years go by, entrepreneurs and marketers have developed different techniques for their voicemails. But at the end of the day, the purpose remains the same – customer service.

Apparently, some businesses fail in creating their recorded voicemail greetings. It’s either they ignore the chance or they overdo it. You see, business voicemails are more than just about using an enchanting voice and asking the caller to leave a message or to call again. If you do it correctly, you can even convert them into sales. Below are some tips that you might want to consider doing.


Mention your company name

Mention the name of your company. This will tell your callers that they have contacted the right number. You can also include a very short description of your company. You should also mention your name, your position in the company (if it’s a personal extension), and why you/your team is unavailable. Alternatively, you could hire OHVO to produce a professional after hours greeting for you/your company as we will ensure you do it right.

Never try to sell anything in your voicemail

Focus on how to convince them to leave a message or to call again. Tell them the exact time as to when you will be available to answer calls personally. For safety purposes, avoid mentioning your exact location.

Provide clear instructions

Not all callers have the patience to listen to a long voicemail greeting, and end up being confused on what to do next. Make it short but straight forward. Remind them to leave their names and contact information.

Provide alternative forms of communication

Not all callers are willing to leave a message or have the time to call back soon. Therefore, you should provide alternatives on how they can reach you. You can mention your company website, email address, and even your official online social profiles such as Facebook and Twitter.