Music is the key to creating atmosphere and personality in your business space, and there’s nothing quite like seeing a customer tapping their foot as they browse through merchandise or sit in a waiting room.Choosing the sound for your store or reception is vastly important as studies have shown the right music balance will increase a customers time in store or waiting.  By the same token, the right hold music on your phone system could encourage your caller to hold for longer, or worst case, hang up the phone before reaching a service person.

The two things to ask yourself before setting the playlist are:
–        What kind of person is my target customer? If you mostly deal with a younger customer base, you can probably get away with music that is youthful and modern. Older clientele however are probably going to be happier with something more neutral.

–        What is the impression I want the store to give off? The overall image of the store should be kept in mind, hearing golden oldies when trying to call a upmarket clothing store is not only jarring, but sets the wrong tone for the rest of the call.

It is important to note that your personal music preferences should have no bearing when deciding what music to play. While you may enjoy it, you will want to check that it fits with the store and isn’t too loud or offensive to the ears.

Keep in mind tempo when applying music to your business. In a retail space it is better to play slower paced music which slows a customers walking speed down, this increases their time in store and will convert into sales. On a phone holding system, mid to fast tempo is a better choice, customers perceived length of time is shorter and they are happier to wait for longer.

Companies like us (OHVO) can help you choose appropriate music to suit your businesses phone systems.

It is true that you will never be able to please 100% of your customers with your music choices, but with a little thought and fine tuning of your playlist you can start positively influencing your customers behavior to increase sales.